I’m starting to think this all about how the Sheriff and Police are only interested in getting laid by a bunch of well dressed whores some of the time

I’m a a US Marshal that was never going to get paid for it and they advertised me to the world so that every lawyer in the world would sue them over the psychological distress that come with holding such information wanting a settlement from them and that what this is truly about and most of the Sheriffs (Bankers) and Police (Bankers) involved are queers that lie, cheat and steal from me everyday of the week because I’m going to cry about it and their going to get laid by a bunch of concerned Attorney’s (Commissioned Officers in the Navy and Military) and Lawyers (Commissioned Officers in the Military) that want to get paid for their service to the government because they want more than the average $65,000 a year on Salary for everything money can buy.

I already know that they really do want to replace me by murdering me or to just hit me in the head and make me a retarded, criminally insane, drug addict and that’s why more than a few of them lie, cheat and steal from me because some of them know that murdering a US Marshal especially one that was never issued Police Property is the death penalty and you bet the government is going to prosecute that one because their’s big money in music and the movies for that one, for sure. Just think about what it would be like to know someone that’s killed a sexually straight, tax paying, Holy Bible reading and Gospel singing Church Minister and Medical and Legal Doctor of Law Courthouse Judge.

If they say they don’t care it’s because they want war because that’s profitable for them too especially when their inside the bank (fort) watching it all on closed circuit television with a gun at the ready should someone break down a 300 pound locked door at attack them.

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