Where a US Marshal goes the US Attorney General (Federal) and all 15 Departments of the Federal Government will follow to report on what they’re doing (Entertainment Purposes, I’m Sure!)

The Washington, DC (Marshals) and New York (Federal) Plan.

This US Marshal has never been given US Marshal Property and has never duputized anyone.

It seems like they’re all just lying, cheating and stealing off of me to get me to committ to a “Felony Crime” so they can Proposition me with homosexuality for freedom from punishment.

The craziest thing is those cities with US Mints (6 of them) are responsible for bringing forth the Military Law and seem to be very responsible for me not having Police Property because my USMS Contract is out of Denver, CO and my USA Contract is out of Philadelphia, PA (both have US Mints).

Something was just taken off me again as I slept ( across the street from the US Courthouse where there are more Police and Sheriffs than anywhere else in the City and County) and I think it’s them indulging in organized crime because they’re rich and foolish and have buying they’re way out of trouble.

Spoiled Rotten Eggs! On whoever did it.

I better be careful they don’t come after me again.

They’re selling ass sex and they think mine belongs to them but I’m not queer and this situation remains dangerous for everyone involved and that’s the way it really is.

Stealing must be all they believe in around here and I guess they’ll just say it was just another isolated incident.

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