There are two contracts involved in becoming a US Marshal Police Officer

I guess the Deputy Marshals and Marshals that made me a US Marshals don’t want to honor the contracts because I don’t want to have to lie, have sex or murder anyone to get my Police Property and they really don’t care and the two main suspects Washington DC in Denver, CO and Washington DC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because those are the places where the Courthouses where I signed the Contracts. In addition I accrued over 100 patches from City and County Police and Sheriff Departments after having worked with the major crime division on the jailing of dangerous felons before during and after getting hired by the Los Angeles Police Department as a Detective and then attending Sheriff School and passing all of the prerquisite Civil Service Exams and serving 1 year at the Colorado Boys Ranch and then going back to Philadelphia, PA my hometown and attending US Marshal College in Philadelphia, PA (HQ) for 12 years while continually being sent on assignment with the code name “Criminally Insane, Retarded, Drug Addict” I had to figure that out for myself. I wonder what the United States Navy Merchant Marines would think of that since I served aboard a Salmon Fishing Vessel in the North Pacific and they gave me the nickname “Sledge”.

I have also served on location over and over again for many years with the USO and the Police and Military (Sheriff’s Department) all over the world.

How come I can’t at least have my State Identification back if I can’t have my Government Identification at all especially since they are just leaving me outside like a bitch (barking dog that bites and will have sex with anyone if there violent enough).

I only get paid just over $12,000 yearly.

Charlottesville, VA and the US JAG Law School there gave me the cripple drug and then accused me of robbery and beat me up in the jail a lot to get me to change my innocent plea to guilty at the Circuit Court of Charlottesville, VA in January 2007

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