The United States Supreme Court has Jurisdiction pertaining to all US Marshals and if there is one US Marshal in the Community without the proper tools to do the job the responsibility belongs to the Supreme Court

I have never had my US Marshal Property and I wonder why everyday.

I can only assume it is for the benefit of the Supreme Court that I am forced to live my life this way and fear I may have a heart attack and stroke one day from an anxiety attack produced by the stress of having to carry the weight of the world upon my shoulders (wondering how many people that I meet in this world know that I don’t have a badge, gun or police identification and have the power to win any legal dispute concerning procedure placed before me as premeditated crime is a deliberate attack upon the police and random criminal acts are the result of natural circumstances).

Maybe one day I’ll get a pay raise and I’ll be able to afford a place of my own and that I can call home.

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