The Banks

The US Treasury Bank is a public/private corporation in partnership with profit/non-profit corporations and funds public/private partnerships of corporations for profit/non-profit that hope to be incorporated with other public/private corporations for profit/no-profit and the managers of those public/private corporations for profit/non-profit put their money in local (city/county) private banks that are also public/private corporations but for profit only (the key words are private/profit) distinguishing them from US Government Corporations as they hire local citizens and offer bank accounts to them that aren’t deputized Sheriff or Police Forces by the US Government (Marshals) and as the public/non-profit officers begin to show a profit they will become Federal Officers at the public/private corporation for profit/non-profit which will now be considered incorporated by the US Government (Marshals), the money is put in the private/profit account of the Federal Authority if the US Government (Marshals) at the Federal Reserve because the money is subject to inspection by the US Government (Marshals) because Federal Officers have Federal Law Enforcement Authority under the direction of the US Government (Marshals) and can not act outside Federal Law without the consent of the US Government (Marshals) to accrue wealth at the expense of private/profit corporations by making false claims to property without due process of law (Court Proceeding) no matter how many cases are on the docket preventing the US Government from holding Court when the Federal Officer makes demand as the final disposition of all legal cases is decided by the US Government (Marshals) and this is all written in the US Law and Legal Code and the Federal Rules and Regulations Guidelines Handbook at your Local (City and County), State, Federal and US Public Courthouse and Library in the Federal District, unless they hid them in the back room for safekeeping and you can ask any Attorney and/or Lawyer (Librarian) at the Public Courthouse and Library if this is true and if they don’t know they’ll tell you so, honest.

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