Graduation from College

It’s the shame in the Sheriff’s Department with the Police and Firefighter Company, gangs, beat in and beat out and feeling just beat up, everyday, because you have no gun, no badge, no id, not a single luxury for us cast aways (US Police) here on “Gilligans Island” in Seattle, Washington USA just like in a few other towns (Sheriff’s) in America when you’re not gay and you’re having trouble with the locals. You have to prove yourself all the time and it’s maddening. It’s almost as if they’re trying to say when you’re gay you’re allowed to be a crook but most of us know that’s not true because no matter what happens to us we don’t really want to get caught in the headlight of a run away train passing through a tunnel even when we barely know the names of those that help us and it seems like our friends just come and go in and out of our lives and we wander outloud about the days headlines in the morning paper. It’s the life of a Marshal (Police-Sheriff) without Law Enforcement Property that’s not gay that makes it look life the Marshals as queer as a three dollar bill but the Sheriff knows better than that after just a little while.
I’m 43 years old and except for 3 days at my Aunt’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA I ain’t been home in 12 years but I sure have spent a lot of time at the Hospital and the Prison and sleeping with the Stars (memories) outside and usually on the ground.

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