Another Repeat in History

Since I’ve been in Seattle, Washington USA there has been several acts that were perpetrated on me at the beginning of the President Barrack Obama Administration at the White House in Washington,  DC re-enacted and all involve people that appear to be homosexuals, prostitutes, drug addicts and criminals but probably work for the government and since the Office of the President of the USA is financed by the USMS I suspect that because I’m a US Marshal that has never been paid and I have meant many famous people and had long talks with them in secret that there is somekind of urgency to make me look bad that compels them to mistreat me this way and they are starting fights to try to turn me into a coward that gives up on what’s right for some fantasy lifestyle.

I was just at 7-Eleven near 3rd and Pike when some black guy started calling me bad names wanting to fight me in the store and outside of it as I was standing in line waiting to pay for a cup of coffee on a rainy day and when I got to the corner of 6 th Street and University Street a black woman said something to me and then claimed she didn’t.

I guess if they can’t get anyone to kill me making me look Schizophrenic will do.

I guess that they’re lifestyle of drinking, getting high, fighting, stealing, lying and having sex anyway they can get it is more important than my Constitutional Rights.

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