Sometimes, I wonder if it wasn’t the Federal Police in the family that spread the vicious rumors about me

Anything for money, after all the Federal Police are Bankers that Tax anyone by way Civil Lawsuits against Government Employees under Federal Law which is seizure of Government Pay from anyone that’s got anything to say about their family and I guess they might even sue someone in their own family especially if they are a US Marshal like I am by spreading a rumor that they are Child Molesters and since I was never given my US Marshal Property, what else am I to think about my own family considering I know a few of them are Police/Sheriff Officers and gay and probably joined the ranks of Homeland Security which is a Federal Police Operation. I think they seized my Government Pay and the State and Military got me Social Security and Medicare and they are fighting about it while there is still the issue of my Federal Identification and who might be using it and if my hunch is right someone involved with Homeland Security maybe even the State and Military which Administer the FBI Personnel Department at the heart of the Homeland Security Operations Center but I could be wrong after all why would they do something like that it couldn’t possibly be because I’m not a homosexual could it and their paranoid that if I had a gun I might get angry enough to use it when one of them homosexuals can’t take no for an answer when they make a gay pass at me and wind up putting their hands on me in an unlawful manner.

I guess since I am now forbidden from marriage and home ownership I’m just suppose to be quiet about it and if I can’t they’re going have to do something to shut me up because that’s as surely as what it seems like after over 2 years on the streets getting bullied at the shelters and soup kitchens and wherever I sleep at all times making me mad enough to tell them all to fuck off.

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