Should I be worried

It appears as if the People at the Justice Department that are working my case think it’s a great idea to leave me without State or Government Identification since my wallet has been taken off me in both of the cities I have a Bachelors Degree in Seattle, WA and Denver, CO and I wonder why all the time. Sometimes I think it’s just because I’m not gay and it’s their way of trying to give me no alternatives, but, I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise to me Philadelphia, PA “My Hometown” and Charlottesville, VA their long time business partners, have put me in Jail. I’m thinking that all this should not come as a Surprise since I was hired by the USMS under the Ronald Reagan and George Bush Administration at the White House and then again Under the George Bush and Dan Quail Administration, (makes me think “Big Show”) I guess my being without State or Government Identification could be for other reasons. I am a qualified US Marshal and I guess they just have some far out idea about what that’s suppose to mean rather than what it actually means. I guess I’ll just keep praying to God for a relief.

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