It sure seems like UVA (University of Virginia) has got this United States Librarian (United States Marshal) down as a Marine (Chief) that doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut because robbery by piracy (they sent me to prison for it and when I tried to appeal it they increased the probation time by a year at a Reconsideration Hearing I wasn’t in attendance for while I was in the State Prison) is no more than aggressive panhandling and panhandling is what old time minors did looking for gold along the riverbanks trying to prove they ain’t a crook when all I did is ask some man that wears women’s make up for is a dollar one night after they gave me sedatives and told me to get out because I had been evicted and another patient told me that he wanted to go out and steal a purse and I said why don’t we just go out and ask for what we need from someone without stealing

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