The US Marshal Government Website States

The US Marshal Posting at the US Courthouse of Appeals in Seattle, Washington USA is Vacant.

I guess the Sheriff and the Police don’t like US Marshals or giving out Appeals.

I’m a US Marshal w/o Police Property because it was never issued by the Sheriff/CSO (Attorney General) and my wallet with my State Identification was stolen in King County, Seattle, WA on the Presbyterian Church Lawn where I sat down to rest and fell asleep one night and now I’m stranded here with what seems like nothing but homosexuals and their whore and junkie friends and lovers that enjoy lying and stealing just to say it’s okay to be mean to everyone but it might just be a misunderstanding that will be cleared up shortly.

Imagine what it must feel like to me, I’ve was given a death sentence since the day I was born (07/11/1972) and then it was governmentally approved the day I was reborn government (sometime in November 1988) and seconded the day I became government for the rest of my life (sometime in April 1992) and the rumor is that I can get a stay of execution just for giving in to anyone in the government and turning to homosexuality for aid and comfort as my preferred way of sexual intercourse.

Maybe, it’s not true and I’m just having a bad day?

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