The King County Courthouse has a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. hanging on the wall

Just this morning, as I had to go through the metal detector at the security checkpoint the deputy told me once again that I hand to hand over my small Leatherman Pocket Tool and as I did I said to the Sheriff (who must be a local marshal police officer when the elected Sheriff is at the Courthouse when Inside the County Courthouse) that this is a little confusing sometimes and he said what’s that and I said you’re a Sheriff and I’m a Marshal and he keeps calling you Marshal and your a County one and I’m a US one, giving him my Leatherman Pocket Tool anyway just to keep the situation from getting any worse and he said where’s you’re badge and I said at the Supreme Court. So, I just walked away and came up to the 6th Floor Law Library to go back to work proving that I am not incompetent by reconnecting the Computer Internet sort of amazed that so many people are so arrogant towards me here in Seattle, Washington USA and since the Sheriff/CSO at the Courthouse of Appeals in Denver, CO where I was deputized was responsible for making sure I had proper Police Identification before I left that Courthouse I’m pretty sure they are staging a united front in refusing to issue me that property and that just makes me feel they believe in the “Old South” Sheriffs Policy of “No Appeals” and have damned me to a life of poverty and homelessness except maybe if I want to live at a whorehouse as a Prostitute or at the jail as a Jailbird.

Another crazy thought just passed through my mind and that is that in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA where I was born and raised some of the time there’s nothing but black US Marshals with Property inside City Hall and out on the streets and I’m thinking that it’s a case of reverse discrimination except the white Sheriffs are doing the discriminating against white people and it’s because I refuse to be a white homosexual that has sex with black homosexuals who according to law have more authority in government then the white people.

Maybe, I just have a big imagination. “Hey we should keep this guy poor forever because this guy would be great for movie making and song writing because after all comedies and tragedies are big sellers and we can even use him for politics!” by saying to everyone “He decided to live his life this way because he’s crazy!” I seem to think they are trying to say to me but it comes out more like they just want to fight and/or fuck and/or flea!

I guess people like me are the target and the victim of a conspiracy they have unleashed on everyone.

Well, I’m still praying there will be an to all of the violence one day and that I get to live to claim it but until then a man has to do what a man has to do and that’s know the law and know mercy.

If that’s the way they really are I hope they reconsider their death sentence they have imposed on me without the benefit of a Judge, Jury, Prosecutor, Defense Counsel, Bailiff, Reporter, Witnesses, and Citizens in the Gallery and the local, state federal and Us Legal Code made available to refer to during the Fair and Legal Trial at the Public Courthouse known to everyone that’s interested in the community.

I am grateful for the Social Security and Medicare even though it’s like having an imaginary steak wrapped around my neck and a sign on my back that says “Suck my dick and do me up the ass!” that only the Criminally Insane can see.

I hope everyone has a good day in this Urban Jungle that some of us like to call the Zoo; the City, County, Federal, State and United States especially when everybody starts to give into carnal pleasure and begins attacking one another as if a lion or an eagle in a territorial dispute with other lions or eagles and the craziest thing is it always seems like the government that doesn’t like to share food, clothing and shelter with people they aren’t having sex with always seem to go after whoever is weakest. and that makes it look like they just like to inflict harm on financially poor people while lying to themselves because people that try not to commit a crime are actually very rich according to the legal code because they understand human behavior best by knowing that if you try to take something that doesn’t belong to you and talk you way out of being gracious about it that you might just get eaten alive.

Good bye!

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