Marijuana in a variety of Natural Flavors

Marijuana is weed and too much of it will destroy any regular crop of fruits and vegetables that you may enjoy at meal time but just the right amount strategically planted amidst natures bounty will produce a harvest of a weed that actually has healthy side effects, I think, I may sound like a mad scientist by say so but I am a doctor and a lawyer and for the last 12 years specifically I have spent my time researching the human condition for a clue to solve the problems humankind faces everyday.

If you didn’t know the Sensamilla variety of Marijuana is considered to be some of the best with its rich green color and red hair and maybe that’s because it grows in the wild near the coca plant which in its different varieties produces chocolate, coffee and cocaine which are all high in Vitamins A + B and there is a variety of marijuana that comes from the middle east near the poppy plant which is where heroin comes from and someone I knew once told me there is a variety of marijuana that grows in Nebraska near the corn and wheat fields.

Vitamin A helps improve your eyesight and Vitamin B helps you fall asleep.

Imagine, like I do if you want to marijuana grown near sweet potatoes or carrots or peaches or pears or apples or oranges and since the fruits and vegetables contain nearly all of the vitamins and minerals that we need everyday to remain healthy and that they are refines into daily supplements what we could accomplish all over America by legalizing the marijuana weed (only recently have they begun calling it a plant and probably for that reason). If you’ve ever examined marijuana that is claimed to be the best you will notice what appears to be something that looks like ice and that is the crystals that form when the oxygen rich THC or stuff that gets you high by making you relaxed comes to the surface after the marijuana starts to decompose beginning as soon as it is harvested or cut from the root (also very high in THC).

Corn is a good product for enhancing the toxicity of THC because corn produces ethanol an oxygen rich by product also called grain alcohol.

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