Basic Rights as a US Citizen and Extremists

The Sheriff is an Attorney and a Commissioned Officer in the Navy that works at the Civil Court and the Police are Lawyers and a Non- Commissioned Officer in the Military that works at Criminal Court. Anyone that has ever taken one Civil Service Exam has a legal claim that they are a Lawyer and whenever the Sheriff or Police ask them for information about anyone other than themselves that they are entitled to some pay and if they have never taken a Civil Service Exam that they are Enlisted Personnel with the Navy and the Civil Court and should be given the protection and provision of a Sailor if the Sheriff asks for the information or a Soldier if the Police ask for the information and that means food, clothing and shelter. It was during the drafting of the US Constitution that Article 1 Section 8 Subsection 14, 13 that declares that the Navy may Enlist anyone including children without the consent of their parents and during a time of war the Military doesn’t have to pay the Enlisted.

It has been the Korean War, mostly, I guess, until the Afghanistan War, that’s still undecided, that has brought forth an idea in government to just act foolish with the citizens by playing with their mind and breaking their heart in this way because anyone seen talking to a Commissioned Officer or a Non-Commissioned Officer will one day hear the accusation that they are rats that deserved to be trapped and killed like they do aboard a Navy Ship and snitches that deserve stitches as the military spy in a foreign country that got caught by the enemy but didn’t kill anybody.

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