I’m Trying Not To Let A Good Time Go Bad

We only have about seventy years on earth if we do what we need to do before we die and somebody doesn’t come along and kill us. I like to practice at being kind to strangers and nice to poor people because I think that I need all the friends I can possibly get the attention of as I walk through this world looking for the right place to settle down and rest for awhile. It is dangerous to let so many people get close to me but after all that I’ve been through I don’t mind because I have learned to say no to anyone that thinks it’s okay to be a jerk and then to keep on being a jerk by just walking away and occasionally running away sometimes after I kicked their butt for getting to rough with me. I’ve been working since I was really young and my first tax paying job was at the Prairie Conservation Center in Aurora, Colorado as a Groundskeeper and it was a good job, I learned a lot. I appreciate everyone that has been good to me and I hope I see them in heaven when the work is done.

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