I thought we were all suppose to be getting along

I remember a lot of things about growing up and whether it was being at home or at summer youth camp or making friends my own age in the neighborhood wherever we lived it was about trying to get along even though we may have had a difference of opinion on any number of topics that we might have been discussing. I thought this was meant so that when we had to grow up, get a job and move out of our parents home to get a place of our own we would know how to do it responsibly. I became a Minister but I don’t think anyone except me thought it was a really good idea. I’m straight and I’m waiting for marriage to have sex although I’m not a virgin but they were very brief sexual relationships and not many of them. All I ever really wanted was one woman that would give me children to settle down with and give me children and make a house a home. I am willing to get a second job doing just about anything except whoring and becoming any kind of addict. I don’t think many people in the government appreciate that part of my personality and wish it would go away. I’ve been to see Police Officers and Sheriffs, Soldiers and Sailors, Doctors and Lawyers, but just as a Minister, I think they think I’m still just a kid, I guess that I still am. I don’t think anyone really cares about that either. I notice a lot of problems between people and I want to help them work it out and I hear the voice of people that don’t really want to be parents say it’s the children but that’s not really true, I think, but, I guess I would have to have children to know for sure. I think the biggest obstacle on the road to a good relationship is usually a rock or a tree and I wish there was a group of guys and gals, maybe, the Military, that liked me so that maybe we could get around those obstacles and possibly build a house with a yard and play a game of baseball, I just wonder if we would all start fighting about who owns the place and in that case I guess the winner might think they have won the lottery and well that’s a risk I’d take but I don’t really like to gamble very much. One day, I’ll find what I’m looking for somewhere possibly over the rainbow.

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