GSA (General Sevices Administration/GPO (General Printing Office)/GAO (General Accounting Office) or simply put the Post Office (Navy, Marines, National Guard)?

Sheriff/CSO (Courtroom Security Officer or County Sheriff Officer)(Admiral/General) (Attorney/General)

I’m still trying to figure out why they would make me a United States Marshal Police Officer without Weapon and then make me a Schizophrenic/Convicted Felon and then a Homeless Bum especially since I passed the Civil Service Exams and they know for sure that I made Physician/Attorney at Law before I was 18 years old and by 19 years old a (Magistrate) Judge?

The US Marshal is a City, State and Federal Judge with Executive Authority over the County Sheriff since 1789 (226 years, presently).

The Sheriff/C.S.O. is an Admiral/General (City and County and Federal Judge) and a Pastor that supports the Attorney Generals Office and the Attorney Generals Office claims to own the White House where the President of the USA lives and works.  A US Marshal is a Minister and is considered to be the leader of the Chain Gang and these days there are invisible chains a lot of the times and since I’m a US Marshal without Weapon and I’m so poor I have to live outside what is the Sheriff/C.S.O. really trying to say to me?

It’s the Sheriff/C.S.O. job to make sure that I have a weapon.

If I can’t have a weapon why can’t I live indoors at a private residence since I’m not a criminal at least 8 hours a day. The Sheriff/C.S.O. claims to have thousands of rental units where they are Building Security available everyday of the year.

Is it because I’m not homosexual and I am unwilling to sell my sex for anything?

I was overdosed on medication and I was was sent to prison for a crime I didn’t commit in Virginia and I’m very sure I was sexually assaulted beneath the Security Camera and it could have even been broadcast to an United States Navy Aircraft Carrier out at sea and they all applauded the act by the way everyone was acting around me inside the prison when it happened as their was a televised special presentation and then the announcement of the Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell Policy followed by a Lesbian Marriage on the Norfolk Navy Installation Docks as I clearly remember that my chief complaint has been that I have been beaten senseless over the years and had amnesia frequently from the injuries, I presume because nobody has ever reminded me that I have always been a US Marshal without a weapon except for the Lord God Almighty you know when you’re memory comes back naturally.

There was that time when my brother G. Reif, Jr. and his friends gave me a gun (.22 caliber) in Aurora, Colorado but I gave it back because I had the feeling some of them were trying to make it look like I stole it.

Earlier in the year, In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania coincidentially my hometown where I’m sure the Sheriff/C.S.O. HQ is at 10 Penn Center I think it is I took the AASVAB Exam and signed the US Army Law Enforcement Oath of Service Agreement Contract at the US Military Court where the Sheriff/C.S.O. claims to own the Building and is Building Security and knows all employees are to have Photo Identification.

3 1/2  years before that in Denver, Colorado I took the U.S.M.L.E. Exam to become a doctor and then another to become a government lawyer and I signed the confirmation of oath of service agreement contract at the US Court of Appeals where the Sheriff/C.S.O. claims to own the Building and is Building Security and knows all employees are to have Photographic Identification and if they are Police, a badge and a gun, too, it reduces on the job injuries (getting hit upside the head from behind with a heavy object as they pass an alleyway where Criminals sometimes hang out waiting to rob anyone that way and keeps employees from forgetting to come to work because of those injuries.

The most interesting part is the Attorney Generals Office also claims to own the White House where the President lives and works and the Chief of Homeland Security works and where the Attorney General the boss Sheriff/C.S.O. works.

Why don’t they like me?

Why did they go to all that trouble just to make homeless after I graduated from Marshal College which is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, too and they began the US Courthouse System by vigorously patrolling the USA and leading the US Military and a chain gang of criminals with invisible chains across the country building all government buildings so that a Sheriff/C.S.O. could be Building Security?

Isn’t it the US Marshal and the Military (Police) that actually catch AWOL soldiers and Sailors and Fugitives from Justice and bring them to the Sheriff/C.S.O?

There has to be some reason I am homeless could it be one of the Sheriff/C.S.O. raped and attempted to murder me as a child and the rest of them are just watching his back because the story might encourage rebellion and that means a steady stream of Jailbirds for the Sheriff/C.S.O. to size up at the Jail after they get caught trying to commit a crime against somebody that will fight like a Wild and Savage Indian Chief with a College English Degree, like me, I guess?

Are they leaving me outside all night and day to make sure all their girlfriends and boyfriends come home to them by having me suggest that it isn’t right away from home unless it’s with me as they’re trying to trick me into homosexuality so that I can take care of the leftovers?

It must be them saying “So what!” all the time every time I ask myself these questions and it must them too telling me to write them down probably to encourage gay tourism?

Am I the only one that thinks there;s something romantic going on between the white Sheriff’s all over the USA and the black US Marshals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA as it is the “First City” Corporation of Public Government; US Constitution 1787 Philadelphia Convention also known as the General Assembly (Assembly of Generals)?

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