I always wanted to ask what the problem is between myself and the Sheriff/C.S.O.

I think “The Police Set-Up is to make the City Police Officer (Navy) and City Police Agent (Military) better and to keep them thinking about what is important, Water, Gas, Electricity and Food of course!” The the man at the County Sheriff’s Office will have you know and that man is a Magistrate and a Sheriff’s Deputy.

I think the Sheriff’s Office Operate’s the Public Utilities (Water, Gas and Electric Companies) and Staff the Fire Department and Police Department with loyal employees with the promise that one day they may become a US Marshal and be the Chief of Civilian, Military and Federal Police and then after your first on the job injury they will tell you all about how they use to like playing Cowboys and Indians as you open your eyes and see them all in their gym shorts with their shirts off saying “awe, wow!” and when it keeps happening you really know they have decided to make you a junkie whore, especially, when you wake up one day in a jail cell without any identification, a bump and a bruise on your head and you hardly know who you are anymore and the only people that want to be your friend and take the time to talk to you about some far out and deep subject are homosexuals that want to be your lover and they’ll even argue with you just to tell you so and when you are fully awake and coming back to you’re senses they just beat you up and lock you back up in that jail cell especially when you tell them you know exactly what they’re doing and why and it’s probably not every Sheriff/C.S.O. (Admiral/General and Attorney/General’s Office), that does it that way, but I’m having trouble finding any that don’t because I’m a US Marshal w/o Property and I have told dozens of Sheriff/C.S.O. and they have all played dumb and the Law states as soon as I make them aware of who I am, a US Marshal w/o a gun they are suppose to go get my gun for me and bring it to me immediately but I guess they really don’t care if I get killed by a bunch of criminals (must be the farmers way). It’s just that I have been homeless for so long I just don’t think that I am wrong and after all I was born in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA where the US Marshal College is and it has been pointed out to me on more than one occasion by white people that wanted to party with me over these more than 25 years that I have been in the United States Marshal Service that “there sure does seem to be a lot of black US Marshals with guns in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA” and I think all the time that since I’m a white US Marshal w/o a gun I wonder what it is they mean? I guess I’ll just thank my lucky stars that I am still alive after all the violence I’ve been through and that I still have my Social Security Check of $1,000 a month even though I am not allowed to get married or father children now and I am not allowed to have any real estate or a fast moving (over 40 mph) motorized vehicle.

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