A Little More Government

Even though the law and order system of the government is easy to understand in Washington, DC because there the City of Washington Police Department are Chief Law Enforcement that understanding is not accepted everywhere all the time and when there is a disagreement the City of Washington Police Department must step out and go to that locale and reason a solution as a US Marshal with the local authorities. The US Marshal has the full authority of the US Government and is considered to be a CEO of a successful business. The successful business that they are permitted to operate independently is a media organization. They may hire whomever they want working for them but everyone working for them will be considered a United States Government employee by all Business Organizations. All Business Organizations are Incorporated with the US Government and that gives the US Marshal Federal Law Enforcement Power over everyone. Federal Law Enforcement Power is the power to enforce the United States Law wherever a US Marshal may be according to the Banking Laws and the Law of Contracts specifically but mindful that they may Enforce all laws with the US Marshal’s eyes firmly fixed upon the United States Constitution. The Federal Government Enforces the Bill of Rights and profits by safely arguing them in Court for the benefit of the United States Government. The United States Marshal is first a State Officer that has been given authority in all States by Contract (Treaty) making them a Federal Officer. The United States Marshal has been given expensive training in Civil and Criminal Law and when spoken together this is the Common Law which is essentially the majority view of all cities and counties within a State Government. The US Marshal is aware that Municipal, Petty and Misdemeanor Crime is the business of the local jurisdiction and is often used to make the community aware of a Felony Criminal in the area. The Federal Law Enforcement Agency Enforces all Felony Crime because Felony Crime affects the Profitability of all Government Corporations. The difference between Federal Law Enforcement and local enforcement is bridged by the US Marshal (Chief of all Federal Law Enforcement). State Government is often faced with the problem of greed by way of the Government and it’s Vice which is the need to remain in control of everyone in all local cities and counties. The US Marshal is often considered no more powerful than a town watchman or security guard but should be given the due respect afforded the Chief of Police with the Power of the Sheriff of the State because they bring with them a wealth of knowledge about government and a lot of know how about how to get things fixed in a hurry. All US Marshals are paid a Salary and the average is about $99,000 a year but some like myself only make approximately $12,000 a year and the highest paid is the US marshal that has been elected to the Chief of Police that has been elected by the City Government and appointed by the Chief Marshal and the next highest paid US Marshal is the one that has been elected by the County Government and appointed by the Chief Marshal. US Marshals are Business men and women and may petition the US Congress and operate a business for profit or non profit and all employees will be construed as Agents of the US Government and paid by the US Congress that represent all cities and counties through the General Election process because they are all Military Generals and they are Judges for the time they are at the US Congress. US Marshals are always Judges until a majority of the US Congress has decided otherwise and only through a personal appearance at the US Capitol by the US Marshal.

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