The Street Ministry

They act like I started the war just because I’m not a homosexual and I believe in Jesus Christ so much so that when the government put me through Sheriff Academy and Police Academy and then Medical School and Law School, I accepted the job of Minister at Court and now since Congress seems to agree with the Chief Marshal at the US Supreme Court that I should have to live with a Schizophrenic Diagnosis and a Felony Conviction while I walk the streets unarmed and homeless receiving $1,000 every month as my pay for having to fight off the Mentally Ill and the Criminals with as many words as it takes to change their mind about inflicting harm on anyone. They don’t have much sympathy. I seem to be hungry all the time. It’s been this way for over 12 years. I used to live in Mental Health Housing, I was a prisoner at the State Penitentiary and now I just walk the streets homeless and picking through the trash looking for anything that might help me feel better. I remember serving as a Chaplain during the Persian Gulf War, they used to sedate me and then drop me off in the middle of nowhere with a camera around my neck telling me to take some pictures of the war if I seen anything interesting and not to worry about living so much because it’s a satellite phone and well I took quite a few pictures of the war and the same is true about traveling and performing with the superstars of the media empires. I guess they think that this is a great idea my thinking that I’m not ever allowed to be married with children or own a home and have a car or even have a pet dog to keep me company as I wander around trying to stay alert and just be happy to be alive. I guess you have figured out what my prayers to God are haven’t you?

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