What is going on

Why does it appear that the Northeast, the Northwest, the Southeast and the Southwest Regions of the United States of America have launched a full scale war on the American People and are broadcasting that everyone will surrender to the United States Navy and their Marine?

What about the rest of the country?

The City’s that the Navy and Marines are operating from along the Atlantic, Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico Coast and as far as I am aware the United States Navy, Marine, National Guard HQ, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

What does the Department of Homeland Security hope to gain by suggesting that there is now no more need for the Army and Air Force as it seems like more and more of those essential government personnel are being evicted from the United States of America and forced to fight for their life in a foreign country or are made to walk the streets of America distraught and near Suicide while some of them contemplate becoming the most serious criminal offenders this country has ever seen because it seems like their good conduct goes unrewarded?

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