In the United States of America it’s the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as the Centerpiece on the Table where the Peace Talks Take Place

I have always understood the US President to be the Chief Diplomat of Foreign Relations and their job to be to negotiate with Foreign Countries about the exchange of goods and services.

The President sends the people that work for the Federal Government, the Military, overseas, in exchange for whatever they have to offer in return.

I have heard a lot of people say that after they send the Military the Federal Government and the President should go too because they’re the ones always dreaming up a new tax to pay.

As for me, I think that we should just build more prisons if they’re are so many criminals around here and have mandatory chain gangs with real chains, again like in those really old pictures at the Public Library.

Did you know that the US Supreme Court lived and worked in the Basement of the US Capitol Building until the US Supreme Court Building was built and after it was built it wasn’t long before they were all killed there and the US Civil War began.

The Jeffersonians attacked Washington, DC at the time of the Civil War  from the South just like Thomas Jefferson had written his “Declaration of Independence” in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776 that got the Revolutionary War started there as it was the Colonial Capitol and the Jacksonians attacked Washington, DC at the time of the Civil War just like Andrew Jackson attacked Philadelphia and attempted to overthrow the government by trying to burn down the Bank and Biddle Building and US Mint there.

The Supreme Court are the United States Marshals and the Washington, DC Police Department and they are Church Ministers, too.

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