It’s okay to be concerned about you’re safety

Whenever something goes wrong in the community the neighbors get together and ask City Hall for the right answers. If you’re one of those people that braves the crowd and actually attends the gathering you’re agreeing to the risk of being a victim of MOB violence. It’s a dangerous event to be a part of a group of people that suggest the Police and Military are violating Laws and are the problem with peace. I have attended Media Events where the crowd wanted to know all about who wasn’t doing their job when a tragedy happened in their neighborhood and they were ready to take on City Hall with whoever was available. I can remember a lot of unfortunate mistakes made by too many people but I don’t think that I should tell everyone every last detail all the time. Some people think ignorance is bliss and they don’t want to know when bad things happen where they live and that’s too bad but maybe it’s better that way because you have to want to talk about your differences to have something in common with someone you think is different than you. I’m a Minister and every day that someone or a crowd of people that don’t like Ministers makes a sarcastic and unusually sexually explicit comment to me or in my direction I just try to do the best that I can to stay out of trouble defending my way of life and what I believe in and all that I hope for is that I’ve helped someone by saying what I feel is the best thing to say and I hope that I have helped someone today by telling you.

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