Another Rerun in my life story probably to justify why in a world of practically unlimited media dollars I see very little of them

It seems like those who dislike the idea of the Community Minister as Chief Police and Firefighter would have everyone believe we are all a puppet government and are no more than a prop (property) of them and US Law is merely to prosecute the poor at the rich leisure.

At 6th and Union, Seattle, Washington USA, an event happened again that has left me with a fat lip, the first event having taken place in 2008, I think.

I called the Police but I didn’t have the guy arrested.

Yesterday, it was the same sort of thing at the FEDEX on 3rd. A woman sat down and kept saying help to me and I said what and she just blew me off and I’m sure she was suggesting that since I’m a Minister I should be helping to make everyone homosexual and kill people that aren’t.

But you never know do you?

Coincidentally this time in my life reminds me of the 1980’s when Pope John Paul of the Vatican, President Gorbachev of Russia and Princess Diana of Wales came to the Denver, Colorado USA area because the Pope and the President of China are in the USA.

Quite a coincidence.

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