Another Past Event

Between 1994-1995, while working late one night with Graebel-Eastern Van Lines Moorestown, New Jersey at a Pharmaceutical Company in Delaware, a Supervisor that used to sport an F.B.I. Ball Cap while I was sitting in the passenger seat of a green Ford Explorer, diverted my attention towards a group of guys from the job and from the corner of my eye he was leveling a .45 Caliber Automatic in my direction and with my left hand I pushed his hand and the gun to the roof of the vehicle and balled up my fist telling him he had better have a good reason for pointing the gun at me and he just looked at me through bifocals very crazily for a few minutes and then said he was joking and he put the gun back in the glovebox and then locked it. Billy Gardner lived on Madison Street just east of Kensington Avenue and North of Alleghany and in 1990, I worked at the Burger King that was at Kensington Avenue and Alleghany Avenue and both sets of my Grandparents lived in the Kensington Neighborhood from 1960-1995 Mom’s at 3048 “D” Street and Dad’s at 3034 Arbor Street and I had a girlfriend, Kerry Ann VanHorn, at 2930 “D” Street and that probably has everything to do with it.

Also, in 1995, while riding a ten speed on Cinnaminson Avenue in Cinnaminson/Moorestown towards the Taconey-Palmyra Bridge an old woman in a white sedan whipped around a corner and stopped as I was just about at the intersection and I crashed into the car and flipped over it about 40 feet and she drove away, a group of guys in a brown station wagon asked if I wanted them to look for her and then sped away and when I found her house a woman claiming to be.her daughter told me it was her mother and so what.

Also back in 1990 I worked at R and S Roofing just beneath the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge and went to Maryland once to Roof a house and the man there told me he’s F.B.I.

In 1994 at Ryan Avenue and Frankford Avenue, Mayfair/Holmes Berg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, I got 7 traffic tickets totaling over $2,300 that I paid with money I made in Alaska working on a fishing boat in the summer of 1996 and sent to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA City Hall, UPS.

1995, at Crusaders Bar on Frankford Avenue in Mayfair Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA I got jumped by a group of guys for unknown reasons.

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