The Homeland Security Administration (Admirals) are Navy Officers and the Police are Coast Guard – Air Force Servents

14/15 Departments of Government are Magistrate (Navy – Marines) or (Federal) Police (Admirals) and 1/15 Departments of Government is Marshal Police?

In the West the Marines are Taxing the Army/Navy over this as a Legal Practice to catch felons and vice/versa in the East.

In the Middle of the Country the Army –  Air Force are Taxing everyone over this.

I only get paid $12,000 a year as a US Marshal w/o Property and a label of Criminally Insane that looks like an injunction prohibiting me from property ownership or marriage to put up with all this Stress/Anxiety the Court’s putting me through so that I might walk the streets a Homeless Man being used as temptation to catch a Felon.

Entrapment is illegal, Setups are illegal if it can be proven that a Law Enforcement Officer suggested that the crime was legal (Entrapment) and then took part in it. Law Enforcement Officers are not allowed to bear witness if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the trial or were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time the crime took place. Frame ups are an abomi (sounds like Obama doesn’t it) – nation because it is a Felony to Prosecute anyone knowing they didn’t actually commit the crime.

The Navy is Civil Court and the Army is Criminal Court.

The Marines are Maritime Court that extends to the Highway System and the Rivers leading to the port of the city.

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