In the last two years, I must have visited just about all of the United States Cities and Counties, hundreds of them, I have visited my whole life, all 43 years of it

I heard a rumor that I’m deathly ill with Hepatitis-Cancer-HIV/AIDS and well the Government doesn’t go out of it’s way to get me medication like Interfeuron, a Supervitamin and Mineral Supplement and there seems to be a lot of temptation for me to commit a crime and one thing is true and that is in jail/prison they don’t give you drugs to make you healthy again.

It probably has everything to do with my not being gay and becoming a Physician and then a US Marshal but not ever having been paid to Doctor and to help Police ancd Sheriff Fight Crime and then having been hit over the head and thrown in prison for robbery.

I’m still looking for a miracle in hoping they change their mind about it.

I get a little money from the government every month to keep me quiet about it for a few days while I walk around homeless and probably dying a little sooner than expected before their eyes just like they want me to.

I also hear their having a hard time patiently waiting for the end to come.

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