I think it was around the summer of 2001, when after nearly getting killed on the streets of Philadelphia this very low paid Public Minister without Marshal Identification went home to mom in Aurora, Colorado and his two brothers strangled him with a lamp cord so much so that it left a scar for several years


This Minister believes it’s for Washington, DC Tax Collection Process and Purpose to Provide equal opportunity in employment to everyone so that all people can be Prosperous and that’s why he’s on US Social Security Medicare and Medicaid of about $12,000 a year but local City and County Government remain dissatisfied because in the process of trying to overpower, overwhelm and subdue the Tax System of US Government, has called on the US State/Military Government and has picked a fight with the US Federal Government, because they want full rigjts to his body, and since the Federal Government takes its lead from all US Local City and County Government it has committed to an assortment of activity as a group like the one I just mentioned, time and time again, with many actors and actresses, filled a great deal of duplicity in double taxing and fixing the race so to speak in teaching right from wrong and then taxing both excessively and its driving me nuts.

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