The County Government

Farmers invested in Hotels, Restaurants and Bars, Theater, Public Transportation and Security and probably are Boss Sheriff as Secret Service, mostly, since my mom was a Legal Secretary also known as a Court Clerk and always told me we we’re poor police and since her maiden name is ‘Doyle’ and that name is famous throughout the County because of the American Civil War (1861-1865) I guess they are using me to prove something to the US Marshals, Custom House, Post Office, Bank, Police Department, Church and Coast Guard, it seems like all they’re trying to say is that they’re taking over and that means they want me to just die in the gutter because a State Attorney and they work for the County has deemed me incompetent and that means no marriage or home ownership and that happened when I was about 30 years old and 14 years after I became a US Marshal and the Sheriff forgot to pay me, how convenient of them all and councidentially, I mysteriously lost my memory up until I got out of prison and Sheriff’s operate Prisons, for a crime I didn’t commit a few years later.

Has everyone gone mad and that reminds me of a picture of the secret service hanging on the wall of a bank that wad coverted to a bar restaurant over there on South Broad Street next to a Hotel of the Secret Service Womanizing and Drunk and wearing Tuxedo and Top Hats and that reminded me of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

Who knows? Maybe I’m just worrying about them because I’ve only spent about 4 days in the last 12 years talking to them in their home but I think that they swear up and down that the entire world is their home and that I’m tresspassing and loitering and their trying to persuade everyone in the Court System to give me the death penalty and that’s probably because they beat me when I was a child.and now that I’m a lot stronger their deathly afraid I will beat them and they probably think Homeland Security are their Bitches and Whores are being very naughty and must come to mama and papa and have sex with them as their punishment but I’m not for sure because I’m nor that way and probably why it’s true that God has me listen to them whine and cry and bitch and moan that I’m not a homosexual and someone should kill me for it but it all could just be my imagination couldn’t it?

I guess they don’t want to bring me home for Christmas and we can kiss and hug and make up for lost time, after all.

A homeless, US Marshals w/o gun, badge, Identification, sure is a money maker, at the gambling parlours and great subject material for the theater.

I guess, God has a plan and all no need to worry.

There’s a Judge Doyle (a woman) over at the King County Courthouse in Seattle, Washington USA.

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