Sometimes, I think the Navy and the Coast Guard or Civil Court got it out for me because the Army, Air Force and Marines or Military or Criminal Court still side with the Marshals as boss because the Navy and Coast Guard spend too much time out on the water

I do believe it was in the 1970’s that the Coast Guard accepted the Navy Admiral as leader and told the Marshal to walk the plank so to speak or to stay off the ship and that allowed the Federal Attorney General to secure their position as Chief Judge of the Courthouse and the Marshal were able to retain the Chief Justice position and I think I know what they all want the Marshal and Justice to do and it involves no clothes, a barrel and a rope and being bent over on the ships deck.

I’ve been a US Marshal still waiting for Government Property for 27 years and I don’t think lying, stealing and cheating is the answer but I guess more than a few in the Government strongly disagree, oh yeah, I don’t practice homosexuality, either and before I went to work for the Court I was happy, I think, but what teenager isn’t.

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