For 27 years, everyday since I became a US Marshal Police Officer without Government Property I wake up everyday without a crime deterrant and wait for the next time I’m going to be poisoned and hit over the head and go places that I don’t want to go and I think it’s cause I’m not a homosexual

It’s a job?

Just this morning I told this story, again, for the 2nd time in about 10 years to 3 Park Rangers at 6th and Spring in Seattle, Washington USA and the black guy asked where I was from and I said Pennsylvania and he said they got big dear there that will kill you and as they walked away the Spainish guy said thanks and the white woman just smiled and after they left I thought about it and Deer is about the same size as Mountain Lion and could be mistaken for one because they’re the same size and both have a golden fleece just like me and I’m pretty much homeless, ain’t that crazy.

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