Earlier today,

A man in crowd with an electronic buzzer/siren verbally threatening a man by stating that his electronic device is bothering another person outside the Potbelly on 3rd Avenue in Downtown Seattle, Washington USA and accosted another man sitting on a bench working on his cell phone minding his business, both men appered to be poor. After a lot of shouting and bad name calling both men walked away and no violence occured, oddly a woman passerby said to the man that had been working on his cell phone and sitting on a bench that this doesn’t have to happen rather authoritatively and then a patrol car drove by and a male voice came over the PA (Public Address) System saying it was over.

The man that was sitting on the bench and working on his cell phone happens to be a US Marshal working without Government Police Property for $12,000 a year approximately and no particular place to go, but up, I guess and no he’s not a homosexual and is myself and this is the 2nd time in less than 10 years that the same exact thing happened at the same exact spot with the same exact people save a few and it’s getting old and probably is a deliberate attempt to have me incarcerated in a prison for a violent crime and raped into enjoying homosexuality and/or a deliberate attemp to have him stop writing to everyone makung his case for US Government Property per those Contracts that have been entered into the Record at the Courthouse and US Law and to just take to whoring for some (spare) change.

The US Court began in Phila, PA and is operated by the United States Attorney General who owns the US White House that US President calls home and the Chief of (Homeland) Security (rich people that think police work is only important sometimes in my opinion) and the Unired States Attorney General work in the effort to thwart the efforts of the US Supreme Court where I work with the rest of the US Marshals to ensure everyone has Civil Rights and gets a fair and public trial by jury with people who are not on the Courts direct payroll and the only thing I think they accomplish when they do this to me in refusing to honor those contracts is making a jackass or donkey out of themselves over some money and I guess that’s why the say Marshals are Elephants and the White House is hungry and wants it all.

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