Kensington 1990

I had only been back in Phila about a month when I heard from a friend that the Guardian Angels had come down from NYC to help clean up the neighborhood and one night the same friend told me some pushers were selking dope to kids so I got my Brass Knuckles and chased one of the suspects and when he fell down I stood over the top of him telling him it was over and when he said it wasn’t him and who told me about it I said a friend and he said my friend wasn’t there and I backed off and began helping him up but not without asking him where the Guardian Angels are and he said over there and I said over where and he just looked at me as I reached out my hand in friendship.

When the Police came I showed my Colorado ID and told him I was staying with my friends and he just said, “Sorry, to have bothered you sir and drove away”.

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