What’s in a name

The Family name for me is ‘Reif’ and it’s a good one because I have discovered so far that there is a ‘Theater’ in Northern Minnesota by that name and a ‘Manufacturing Plant’ that makes ‘Cardboard Containers’ and an ‘Internet Chat Room’ that specializes in Old Folks for a small fee in the UK.

My mom, Susan Margaret Doyle-Reif (born 12-05-1950) went to ‘Little Flower Catholic School’ and ‘Kensington High School’ and was a good mom that worked for ‘Nino Tinari’ Criminal Defense Law Firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA and some of the biggest names in Business Law like ‘Holme, Roberts and Owen’ in Denver, Colorado USA and ‘Ballard, Spahr, Andrews and Ingersohl’ in Philadelphia while raising 4 children and all their friends and she kept a beautiful smile on her face, always.

My dad, Gerald Reif, Sr. (born 01-15-48) went to Roman Catholic High School, served in the United States Marines for 4 years during the Vietnam War and was Honorably and Medically Discharged and he then worked at the Philadelphia Police Department in the 1st District near 25th Avenue and Passyunk Avenue for 7 years before going to work for an Insurance Company and then moved the 6 of us to Denver and Aurora, Colorado. I’ve known “JR” as he likes me to call him, to work construction with ‘Caterpillar’, Security with the ‘Southland Corporation’ building ‘AMC Theaters’ and ‘7-Elevens’ and both the ‘Marriott’ and ‘Doubletree Hotels’.

But, I have also discovered that I am a ‘Taylor’ and a ‘Doyle’ and those names are associated with ‘Hotels’ and ‘Clothing’ Companies.

Patricia Taylor (Rita Brasch) of 3034 Arbor Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19134 USA and she worked in a ‘Book Binary’ in that neighborhood which is known as “Kensington” until she went on Social Security and Medicare from a back injury and she had a good husband, James Talley, that was gainfully employed with ‘Sears Distribution Warehouse’ on Roosevelt Boulevard for almost 25 years before they closed along with ‘Tyson Foods’ and then a ‘Home Depot and Shopping Plaza’ were built in it’s place.

Madeline Margaret Meese-Doyle and Edward James Doyle of 3048 “D” Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19134 USA are my mom’s parents and are my Grandparents. My Grandmother was a nice lady who gave birth to 12 Children, 2 died of SIDS and the other 10 brought them both 24 Grand Children and my Grandfather served in the United States Marines and then worked with the Philadelphia Fire Department and then at Rohm and Haas Chemical Manufacturing and the United States Mint in Philadelphia for 25 years as an Electrician and in his spare time provided low cost Electricians Services to the poor of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.

I am glad to have been brought up by them and know them since I myself am a US Marshal and I am currently on Social Security and Medicare, under some unusual circumstances as I have never been given the property due a US marshal at Contract Signing at the US Courthouse and I was sworn in to the USMS at Denver 1988 and to the US Army at Philadelphia 1992. I have served these last 27 years faithfully having always been told that I am a ‘Police Recruit Undercover Vice Officer’ and it’s literally been a rollercoaster ride complete with Jail, Prison, Hospital for several years, in several locations.

I have also worked with some of the biggest names in Politics and in the Media, albeit, heavily sedated for everyone’s safety, they told me, a few times.

My name is Michael Edward Reif and I was born July 11, 1972.

I hope you have enjoyed this story as much as I have enjoyed telling it.

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