I guess, it really is true, all I’m ever going to be is an unmarried, childless, non-uniformed, financially impoverished, town watchman of sorts in poor clothes, who, coincidentally, is at least by the Civil Service Standard an “Attorney” and “Physician” and by “United States Contract” is a “United States Marshal Police Officer” and when worst comes to worse and I accidentially kill someone trying to steal and lie to me while trying to serve and protect the community, if the United States Marshal Police Officer, presiding over the matter, as “United States Judge” and is honest, I won’t have to spend but a little bit of time in jail

I guess they all worked out a deal behind my back that will give me headaches and stomaches the rest of my life and not much of anything else.

I guess all these College and University Educated Lawyers and Attorneys sure have a problem with my freedom now don’t they and that would explain why most of them don’t want anything to do with me except to carry around the attitude and say no I already gave at the office when I ask them for a couple dollars knowing this story is worth a fortune in the media, in the stock market and in the back room of the gambling parlour, now ain’t it.

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