Apparently, mom’s family name “Doyle” are Hotel Owners from Washington, DC and dad’s family name “Reif” are Theater Owners from Northern Minnesota

I’m a Disabled US Marshal Police Officer since 1988 never had Police Gear issued or been paid on Social Security Medicare and in 2007 a Judge that looks like dad German-American and probably a Jew-Catholic gave me a 20 year prison sentence at the Circuit Court of Charlottesville, VA for the mugging of a guy that wears make up in court, that I didn’t do.

According to US Law a bogus case they prosecuted and got a conviction on and only really rich people.can do that and mom and dad and the rest of the family always indirectly implied that if I didn’t go homosexual I’d probably die youbg, alone and financially broke.

Does anyone else see the possible conspiracy to defraud me of my inheritance and my self made fortune.

Maybe, it’s just more training.

I’ve sat in playing music and participated in movie rehearsals with really famous people in front of a lot of people?

All for a good cause, I guess.

I still try to do as much Computer Internet work as I can and since I’m outdoors all the time watch over the community as best I can.

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