The US Marshal Police Officer serves Fugitive/A.W.O.L. Warrants issued by the Federal Attorney General and appears as a Witness for the Court and upon Conviction receives upwards of a $50,000 Reward based on the Wealth of the Convicted and United States Marshal Police Officers are Salaried and the average makes only $99,000 yearly but they are able to petition the US Congress for Public/Private Business Funding

Civil/Criminal Lawsuits are done with the Attorney General in Conference with the USMS and all other matters of law are prosecuted as they happen by the Federal Attorney General in conference with the State Attorney General and the USMS is notified after the warrants are issued by the Attorney General (Federal or State) so that a summons can be issued by the USMS for the Prosecution (Federal/State Attorney General, Arresting Sheriff/Police Deputy, Witnesses, Victims, Family and Friends) and the Suspect to appear at the Courthouse so that a Hearing before a Grand Jury can be conducted and facts of the case revealed to the Court and the Community and unless the Suspect is made aware of this Civil/Criminal Procedure there is sufficent grounds for appeal by the Suspect upon Conviction of a Crime.

I only make $12,000 a year, I’ve never had my Police I.D., Badge, Gun or Official Paycheck, they won’t let me in the Sheriff Office or Police Station to Ciminal mugshots even and I’m without a house or vehicle and I’ve never been married and I have no children.

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