Several years ago,

Some white blonde haired guy that I think works for Naval Intelligence that said he was working for the FBI and sometimes removed this unpaid US Marshal from his sleeping bed at his mom’s place and drove the unpaid US Marshal around the country with some Jewish-American goverment looking guy and the trucking company out of New Jersey (Graebel-Eastern) in tow calling the unpaid US Marshal a Criminally Insane, Retarded, Drug Addict getting him in arguments, fights and nearly killed him saying it was to catch bad guys trying to convince him homosexuality is the answer and the white blonde haired guy has been seen in the company of the Department of Homeland Security in Philadelphia, PA by the unpaid US Marshal who went to the US Courthouse of Appeals and the US Treasury Federal Building to question the Clerks, Sheriff/CSO, FBI, Secret Service, Attorney General, GSA and Marshals about exactly what it is they think they’re all up to considering what they’re doing is highly illegal several times and was basically told “so what” by all of them and placed on the Security Watchdog List and the white blonde haired guy even took the unpaid US Marshal to the US Courthouse where a black woman clerk took his picture but refused to hand over the I.D. and then took him to Philadelphia, PA Police Payroll at City Hall with a bunch of Black Police in the room telling the Unpaid US Marshal that their stealing his paycheck and if he doesn’t like it they’ll kill him.

This is 2015 and that shady business happened around 1995 and this unpaid US Marshal can’t get far enough away from them all the way out here in Seattle, WA and their violent homosexual tendencies to get a good night’s sleep.

I’m white too, imagine that and from Philadelphia, PA.

I am glad about the little bit of Social Security and Medicare I get but it seems like every crook in town knows when pay day is.

Oh well, I guess, they’d say, tough tittie said the kittie when the milk went dry, an old euphemism, I guess.

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