It was decided by everyone that this US Marshal must Minister to the Community

The day I lost my wallet and all the people (freaks) came out to play with me wanting to get high and drunk and have sex party’s and when they wouldn’t take no for an answer I got my feelings hurt.

I don’t like to use drugs or alcohol with oversexed and violent people that call everyone like me their slave and swear up and down they can whip us all even if it kills every last one of them and as long as they don’t care I’m going to continue to get upset about it, I reckon.

They’ve spread all sorts of lying rumors about me like, I have sex with more that one person at a time, I spent all my money on drugs and alcohol, I can’t keep my hands off the children, I won’t get off their property, etc, etc, etc.

Because the truth is the government uses me to catch the killer amongst us all which is usually the one that gets left behind with the government after the crowd follows me away from the whore and drug house.

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