The Law Book states

When US Marshals receive a post in any of the 94 Distrcts throughout the 50 States of the United States it is for 4 years maybe 8 years during good behavior and then they need to take the Show and all the Actors and Actresses and the Probationaries and Parolees on the road with them and if they don’t want to go they’re not to be getting mad at Local Law Enforcement for handling it themselves.

Think of Church when you think of Court, the Marshal – Judge is the Minister, the Deputy Marshals are the Church Servants (Actors and Actresses or Representatives) and the Military is the Choir and the Sheriff is the Pastor and Treasurer.

Taking care of Whores, Junkies and Criminals is expensive and sometimes the Sheriff gets confused and good people go hungry and thirst, without clean clothes, unbathed, and without a roof over their head and their victimizes day in and day out by a bunch of numb nuts.

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