The Family and Chasing Money

Doesn’t everyone want to belong to someone they can build a home with and grow old happily knowing all they need to know about life with just enough to get them through the day?

Why do so many people delay starting a family of their own and attempt to make as much money as they can before they do?

Is it the dream of everyone to have so much experience that you can keep your loved ones entertained with the stories of how you once had it all before they came along that they think will keep them together until the end of time?

I think that if we all thought about it for a moment we would admit that having a family means sharing every moment that we have with one another is most important.

Isn’t it exciting though to hear about those stories from our family that we know nothing about every once in awhile, though, I think that’s what motivates us alk to do something together so that we can rest assured knowing that we have something in common with someone that we love, doesn’t it?

Think about it.

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