I may be a Poor Minister but

I know what can happen if the Wealthy and the Rich stay too long in one place and it isn’t cool, almost always somebody finds something wrong with the way that they are and goes after them wanting to take it all away blaming them for their poverty, they usually become more selfish and don’t really want to share anything that they have and the price of everything seems to just go up. Sometimes, I get the feeling that the Wealthy and the Rich think all poor people are out to take everything away from them and they start hiring anyone to go after the poor and well usually the poor don’t kill other poor but they sure can get mean with one another and it’s just the Wealthy and the Rich spending their days and money hustling everyone and earning more Wealth and Riches selling the results seems to be all they do.

It be nice if for one day in my life I could have something normal that resembles good health.


It sure would be nice if I could get a shower, something to eat a good night sleep without getting followed by a bunch of crooks all day and night long.

But I guess I’m just suppose to be some dumb dog according to them and smell funny and cry about how unloved I feel because that all seems to be a big turn on for them.

When I was growing up we used to say the hustler’s attitude is slimey and now I sometimes think Slimey has taken over the Bank (Whitehouse) and the Judiciary and Congress is in love with Slimey.

I sure wish it was different.

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