I guess that I will always remember the day that

Some white guy I meant in Denver at the City and County Jail back in 1988 after passing several Civil Service Exams in 1994 showed back up in my life in 1994 on a jobsite with Graebel – Eastern Van Lines Moorestown, Nrw Jersey; near Rohm and Haas and took me to the US Courthouse at 9th Street and Market Street in Philadelphia, PA telling me that it was the day I was going to finally get my US Government Police Identification and the black woman at the counter took my picture and then told me that I couldn’t have it by order of the Marshal and threatened me by telling me to leave the US Courthouse or she would have me put in chains and then a white and a black Sheriff/C.S.O. approached me saying that it was true and that I just might get beat up in the process and I advised them that they shouldn’t talk that way in the US Courthouse because it’s a Church but if they cared to step outside I’d be happy to tell them they were wrong because I was in the mood to move a couple of file cabinets anyway and they declined and then a few weeks later I was taken against my will and doped up without my knowledge and made to look like a fool in more than a few locations around the country for several months losing a lot of weight in the process before taking me back to my mother’s and putting me back on the couch where they found me and it was two years after I became a US Marshal (Magistrate – Judge) and had yet to be paid and then a few months later the same white guy from Denver took me to the Philadelphia Police Payroll Department at City Hall where a room full of black city police officers told me that they are stealing my paycheck and if I didn’t like it they’d kill me and I told them I didn’t like it and then a couple of weeks later the same white guy took me on another field trip for a couple of months heavily doped up without my consent and I lost quite a bit of weight again before they brought me back to the couch where I was sleeping at my mother’s place.

Well I’ve been on tour with that band that sings 99 Red Balloons I think, U2, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, George Thoroughgood, Guns and Roses and some famous Black R and B singer that I can’t remember her name right now, I think Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston made a Movie called my Bodyguard about a real life event that took place on one of the field trips I spoke about and in Kimbo’s back yard Brawl in California it was actually me that faught the guy and they edited me out and put him in and since they told me they were fucking me up because I’m not gay I guess that’s the reason why I’m now homeless and have been for over 2 years and suffered 9 years of Persecution in Virginia and a Schizophrenic Diagnosis and a Felony Robbery Conviction and very few people show me much in the way of respect, I’m not allowed to Marry or own Real Estate I am really confident when I say right back at you to all of them and the rape and murder death threat that I hear about almost everyday sounds like it’s coming from a bunch of punks that have absolutely no respect for life or the law and they believe they can’t be beat ever and that it sounds like them making it but I am appreciative of the small Social Security Check and Medicare but not the label of Public Enemy #1.

I’m 43 years old.

So long!

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