US Government

There are a couple of hundred Circuit Courts (City) and 94 Federal (County) District US Courthouses and 13 US Courthouse of Appeals that serve the People and the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC distributed throughout all 50 States and approximately 865 US Marshal that work in them and in the US Government Corporations around them on 4 – 8 year postings and they are assisted by about 3,500 Deputy Marshals about 5, 000 C.S.O.’s and about 13,500 F.B.I. Agents/Officers.

I’m a US Marshal w/o Property or a Post and I wonder all the tune if there are more like me just like I thank God for Social Security and Medicare everyday even though it’s not very much but it keeps me interested in staying on the right side of the law with all of the partying going on around me and making me angry everyday and if I wasn’t homeless my stress level probably wouldn’t be so high and I know why it’s like this and it’s so that C.E.O. has time to think about who’s doing what on a personal level to undermine the smooth operation of the US Government and inviting a crime wave to take place in the community around the US Courthouse.

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