Stressed out, I lost my stuff

Last night, after resting at a bus stop for a few minutes I left and 5 minutes later I realized I left my grocery bag with my books, maps, vitamins and minerals, lotion and foot powder spray and when I got back they were gone.

10 minutes before that I was at a 7-eleven on 3rd Avenue in Downtown Seattle and some black woman put her hand on me when I wasn’t looking and I cussed her out in with a crowd of spectators and I only went to the 7-eleven because some white woman asked me directions to it twice and for some reason I keep thinking Texas Wealth uses 7-eleven as a front operation for the Prostitution and Drug Game and that they singled me out because my birthday is 7/11 and the they just might have sponsored my USMS contract when I was in Denver and my USA contract, the ones they never paid on, when I was in Philadelphia and what happened last night happened before several years ago in Seattle and I think they’re heartless and that they really don’t care about honor and just letting me be, straight because I’m homeless and could used that stuff that I bought with my hard earned money and they just want me to go to hospital here in Washington so they can kill me by way of psychotropic poisoning like they damn near did in Virginia and I think that it’s because they say they’re homosexual and they’re taking over the entire legal system.

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