Since the Marshals (Constitutional Law) have decided to do things the Attorney General’s way (Army, Admiralality) at the US Courthouse (Military) back in the 1970’s nobody really respects the Marshal (Common Law) anymore because that makes the Marshal (Common, Constitutional Law) second in command because that’s Civil Law (Navy) and places the Admiral (Navy) in charge of the Government Police (Criminal, Civil, Federal, Marine, Banking Law) subject to Criminal (Army) Law with the Sheriff as Judge (Civil/Criminal/Federal, Marine, Banking Law) until the crime appears it can only be resolved by the Marshal (Constitutional, Common, Civil, Criminal, Federal, Marine, Banking, State, Military Law and the rest of the laws too) and they only agreed to it because everybody told them too

And sometimes the Admiral seems as queer as the Devil in hell himself.

But the Marshal still says everybody’s got a right to an appeal and when Prayers to God is all you got then that’s all you got.

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