I guess the Captain/Colonels or should I say Sheriff’s of Adderson County Texas and Vermont couldn’t help but come Seattle, Washington USA to make me feel God awful cause it sure feel like there’s a heavy prescense of them around here right now

I reckon they ain’t never goung to answer them Contracts they signed with me and they feel like they can do whatever the hell they please cause the US Treasury and’m pretty sure they think they shit don’t stink neither.

I could be wrong but I sure feel like I’m living under the gun everyday homeless and all like I am and a qualified physician and Attorney whose education just goung in the toilet all because I ain’t a homosexual, I guess we all going to see what hapoen because of this on Judgement Day, when they’ll be no more hiding behind guns and money and lying.

I sure feel unwelcome with just the suicide/homocide/homosexuality the answer and praying to God don’t do know good but make them mad, oh well, huh.

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