The Spring Coil

Electricity is a wonderful Pheonomenon that has made life easier for so many people and when combined with the Gasoline Combustion Engine can change the Air we breathe into a more efficient fuel, clean the Salt from the Ocean and provide enough Fresh Water to keep the Environment filled with the greenest grass and trees and beautiful flowers and healthy plants with all of the colors of the Rainbow we sometimes see in the Blue Sky after a Rain Shower when the Sun returns to chase away the Dark Storm Clouds and brighten up even our Darkest Day, it’s a Romantic Love Song meant for everyone to Sing and Dance to, to help us forget about the past and move on and to just enjoy what we have right now.

After the Gasoline Combustion Engine, I would probably place an Electric Motor inline with the Drive Shaft to power the Transmission if I had a Factory on a Farm where I lived.

Also, I would transform the Air Filter for the Carbuerator so that it produces water that would could be circulated through the Engine Block to cool it and use the by product to enhance Fuel Consumption and get better Gas Mileage.

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