The Criminal Justice System and the Military

On one Contract there is the Criminal Justice System; Law Enforcement Agency; United States Marshal Service; White House; Senate; Courthouse; Treasury; Department of Defense.

On the other Contract there is the Military; Secret Service; United States Army; State; House of Representatives; Treasury; Department of Defense.

I signed both Contracts and all I get for all the trouble is Social Security, Medicare, a lot of Headaches, Stomachaches, life on the Streets, Cigarettes, occasionally some wholesome food and a whole lot of Grief while I have risk life and limb going into a Public Shelter to wash up when I need to and I have to put up with a lot of bitchy homosexuals and without proper State Identification I can’t even get a room at a Hotel or Motel or Bed and Breakfast, a room for rent, an apartment or a house and I guess the government that cares would swear up and down they’ve done the right thing and the government that don’t care would kill us all if they got the chance.

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