The Church is where valuable religous artifacts that tell the history of the Congregation are kept and the Courthouse is a part of the Church that’s sterile so that nothing get’s broke when they’re prosecuting somebody usually that they don’t like because they won’t have sex with them for a crime and the farmers and the factory workers want to make them suffer for it especially the one hotel/motel restaurant bar all the time

It seems like the people that operate both aren’t nothing but violent homosexuals anymore that are pretty greedy, too who think that at the mention of Jesus Christ think it’s time to go out and fight and fuck the person who said the Lord God Almighty’s name, what a bunch of phony ass Christians.

I was always told that Christianity means that if you’ve been.blessed.with riches you should share them or your fellow Christians who can’t find work that pay’s will be begging Jesus Christ for help all day and night long and well Jesus Christ might want to tell you in you’re head what you’re lack of mercy is really worth to everyone.

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